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How Do You Care for Miami Dental Implants?

Restoring a smile after tooth loss doesn't have to be complicated or require a full set of false teeth. Thanks to advances in dental technologies, patients can now restore their smile with tooth implants. Dr. Pasquier, of Miami Modern Dental, offers dental implants for patients who want a no-fuss way to revive the beauty and functionality of their smile after a tooth has been lost, damaged, or extracted.

Dental implants work and function just as a natural tooth does. The implant itself is made from titanium, and is surgically implanted into the bone underneath the gum tissue. This bone holds natural teeth in place by the tooth root. The implant functions just as a natural tooth root would, and the bone is stimulated to grow around the implant to secure it in the mouth. Then, a dental crown is affixed to the top of the implant. This crown is made to match the patient’s existing teeth, and is made of porcelain. Porcelain is a strong material that closely resembles the surface structure and appearance of natural tooth enamel. Once the dental implant is placed and restored, it will look just like a natural tooth.

Dr. Pasquier prefers using a dental implant because it is permanent, beautiful, and long lasting. This stand-alone restoration mimics the function and beauty of a natural tooth. Since the implant is not removable and not connected to adjacent teeth (like dental bridges or other similar restorations), they are very easy to care for. The team at Miami Modern Dental will educate patients about the importance of maintaining and caring for their tooth implant. Patients should floss and brush their teeth as they normally would, and maintain regular recall appointments with Dr. Pasquier at least twice a year to clean and evaluate the health of the mouth and restoration.

Dr. Pasquier of Miami Modern Dental is devoted to offering patients effective and beautiful cosmetic restorations for their smile when the unthinkable happens. If a tooth is lost from age, trauma, disease, or extraction, Dr. Pasquier is here to help. Call today to learn about tooth implants and other dental treatments that can restore the beauty and confidence of your smile!

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