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Common dental implant problems that can occur in Miami

Almost every surgical procedure comes with some sorts of risk of failure. When patients visit Miami Modern Dental to speak to Drs. Pasquier about solutions for tooth replacement such as dental implants, they may be curious to know if problems can arise. Complications or failure may occur in any situation, so it is important to understand that dental implants are no exception. While these restorations are meant to replace missing teeth and provide an alternative to solutions such as dentures or bridges, there may be problems that arise that need to be addressed by our dental team. Dental implants are known for being approximately 95% successful without incident, but there are issues that may arise that can be addressed with a fast response from a quality dental team. Some of these problems may include:

Failure of the bone to grow

Osseointegration is the process in which the bone grows around the implant, which holds it in place. Sometimes this does not occur due to not enough bone or a poor reaction to the implant. When this happens, the dental implant may loosen or fall out. Repositioning may be done, or patients may need to consider bone grafting to build up the bone and try again.


Whenever surgery is performed, there is always the risk of infection. If patients do not properly care for their smile after dental implants are placed, they may be at risk for developing an infection that can affect the gums and bone supporting the implant. This can result in failure.

Damage to the nerves and tissues

While patients may experience some bleeding and discomfort for several days after implant procedures, it may also be an indication that there was damage to the tissues and nerves. X-rays and an examination can be done to see what is causing the continued discomfort and determine if there has been a failure.

Sinus placement

Without proper placement in the upper portion of the jawbone, patients may experience problems with their sinuses. This is because there needs to be enough space for placement to avoid the sinus cavities. Drs. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. and Marlon Pasquier, Jr. perform a series of x-rays to ensure they are placing implants in the proper location to avoid this concern.

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