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Some types of dental implants are restored with dental crowns by Miami area dentists

Drs. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. and Marlon Pasquier, Jr. work closely and with their patients to provide optimum dental care. This team is dedicated to the health and wellness of their patients' smiles.

Miami Modern Dental is equipped with a wide range of restorative options for patients who are missing natural teeth. The three primary types of replacement include dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures. There is no "one size fits all" option for patients, which is why our team offers all solutions.

A popular choice for replacing a single missing tooth is a dental implant. The dental implant is a titanium post. It resembles a screw but is very small. It is placed into the jawbone to act as a natural tooth root, and is restored over the top using a dental crown. Dental crowns not only give the implant the appearance of a natural tooth, but allow it to function properly.

In some situations, dental implants may be restored in a different way to meet the needs of patients. For example, patients who a dental bridge may need a dental implant on one side as an anchor. Patients can use dental implants to hold a full denture in place. Dentures may sometimes fail to stay in place, but with the use of several implants along the dental arch, patients can enjoy strong, stable restorations. Dental implants are incredibly versatile and can be used in many different ways, even though single tooth replacement is the most common.

Drs. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. and Marlon Pasquier, Jr. are experienced dentists who provide a wide range of cosmetic, restorative, and preventative dental care solutions. Contact Miami Modern Dental today at (786) 338-9228 to book a consultation appointment to educate yourself further on restorative solutions including dental implants. We proudly welcome new patients and families into our state-of-the-art dental practice located in t Miami, Florida.

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