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What is Root Canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is done to remove the nerves and tissues from the inside of the tooth. At the same time, the dentist will clean, sanitize, fill, and seal off the root canal system within the tooth.

There are many reasons a tooth may need root canal therapy. The main reason patients undergo root canal therapy is due to deep areas of decay and bacteria which affect the dental pulp. If decay affects the enamel and dentin, it can be addressed with fillings. However, the deeper it reaches when left untreated, the more likely it is to require root canal therapy. Other reasons patients may need root canal therapy is due to trauma of a tooth, or anything that causes inflammation within the natural tooth. Root canal therapy is the best way to maintain the structure of a natural tooth and avoid extraction, which requires additional restoration and cosmetic treatment.

Neglecting a tooth with decay can lead to necessary treatment via root canal therapy. During this treatment, the dentist will remove the dental pulp, and address the bacteria and decay at the same time. This procedure is done under proper anesthetics for the comfort of the patient.

Who can benefit from root canal therapy?

If you have spontaneous tooth pain, discomfort that lingers for more than 15 seconds when you drink something hot or cold, pain when you bite down or chew, a partially swollen face, or a sinus infection with drainage through the gum over a suspect tooth, then you’re experiencing symptoms that necessitate root canal therapy.

We recommend that you give Miami Modern Dental a call at (786) 338-9228 immediately if you have any of these symptoms. Drs. Pasquier will diagnose the problem and evaluate need for root canal therapy or alternatives. Many times, we are able to address the tooth early enough to avoid need for a root canal.

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