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Can dental implants be used as a bridge replacement for Miami area patients?

A dental bridge is a common replacement option for Miami area patients who are missing one or more teeth within the dental arch. This restoration is made of porcelain, looks completely natural within the smile, and can provide restoration for many years. However, there are other options available for tooth loss. At Miami Modern Dental, Drs. Pasquier provide alternatives including dental implants and dentures. If patients feel as though they are not satisfied with solutions such as dental bridges, they are encouraged to speak to their dental team about switching to another treatment plan.

Dental bridges do require that the teeth adjacent to the space be prepared accordingly to hold the bridge in place. This means removing a substantial portion of the enamel from a tooth, which cannot be reversed. When removing a dental bridge and replacing it with another solution such as a dental implant, patients will need to keep this in mind. Dental bridges are typically not reversible, but a bridge can be removed and the adjacent teeth may be repaired with dental crowns. Then, Drs. Pasquier will place a dental implant and restore it in the same manner. This provides a permanent restoration while also attending to the lost enamel on the teeth surrounding the space.

Drs. Pasquier have found that many patients are satisfied with dental bridges, but if there are issues with them, replacements such as implants or dentures can be another way to repair the smile. At Miami Modern Dental, we work with our patients as soon as they experience tooth loss to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the three primary replacement solutions. Drs. Pasquier educate patients on the pros and cons so they can rest easy that their patient has made a decision that fits their budget and their lifestyle.

If you are considering replacing one of your restorations within your smile, contact Drs. Pasquier at Miami Modern Dental today to book a consultation visit. This is a great time for our team to assess your situation and find out what method of replacement is best for you.

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