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Miami area patients ask, "What is the procedure for a root canal?"

Root canal therapy is a typical procedure done at Miami Modern Dental by Drs. Pasquier to help in maintaining the natural tooth structure and avoid extraction and restoration when infection, abscesses, trauma, or deep cavities occur. These problems can cause inflammation of the dental pulp within the tooth, a mass of tissues that protects the nerves and blood supply that keep the tooth alive. When this happens, there are two solutions: perform root canal therapy to remove the dental pulp or extract the tooth. Whenever possible, Drs. Pasquier will suggest root canal therapy to maintain the tooth structure and avoid extraction.

Many patients ask, "What is the procedure for a root canal?" Root canal therapy, also referred to by professionals as endodontic therapy, is a treatment that requires the dentist to access the inner portion of the tooth where the dental pulp resides to remove it. After doing so, the area must be cleaned, sanitized, and filled with a rubber material called gutta percha. Then the tooth is sealed and often, covered with a dental crown.

The procedure is done under local anesthetics and, if necessary, certain methods of sedation, depending on the patient. Anxious patients may benefit from nitrous oxide sedation in addition to the local anesthetics. This is discussed before the procedure is done so patients are properly prepared for their appointment.

Root canal therapy is a very common procedure in dentistry and it should not be feared. Many patients are concerned that it is painful and they build up a lot of anxiety about undergoing the treatment. However, Drs. Pasquier can put patients at ease and help them understand the importance and preference of endodontic therapy over extraction.

If you live in the Miami area and believe root canal therapy may be necessary for your smile, now is the time to contact Drs. Pasquier of Miami Modern Dental to learn more about this procedure and if it can help you in keeping the beauty and function of your smile for longer without the need for dental restorations.

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