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Miami area dentists describe the root canal procedure for treatment

Root Canal Treatment Procedure Miami - Root canal treatment procedure Miami helps treat cavitiesAt Miami Modern Dental, Dr. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. and Dr. Marlon Pasquier, Jr. help individuals with their overall dental health and wellness. There are situations that may arise that require certain treatments to bring the smile back to its original state. When cavities become too large or the dental pulp within a tooth has developed an infection, it is important to consider solutions other than extracting a tooth. Situations such as this may benefit from a treatment called the root canal procedure.

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Patients who hear the words "root canal" often think of an oral procedure that is painful. However, this is never the case. In fact, the discomfort that brings patients to the dentist is the painful part. Patients may develop a toothache that can keep them from living their daily lives and even sleeping restfully at night. When this problem occurs, it is important to visit a dental professional to determine the cause of the problem and find an effective solution.

Procedure explained

Root canal therapy is done with proper anesthetics. Patients are either locally anesthetized or may consider the benefits of sedation. Once patients are relaxed and properly numbed for the procedure, it begins. The dentist will use special instruments to access the inner portion of the tooth where the dental pulp resides. This mass of tissues is removed and the canals of the tooth are disinfected to remove any traces of bacteria and infection. Once this has been done, the canals are filled with gutta percha and sealed off with composite resin bonding. In many instances, patients may also require the placement of a dental crown over the tooth, as this procedure can weaken the structure and make it more susceptible to breakage.

If you reside in the Miami community or surrounding areas and want to speak to a professional about the advantages of treatment with the root canal procedure, now is a great time to book an appointment at Miami Modern Dental. Patients can schedule a consultation visit and discuss the many benefits of treatment with our team of professionals. We encourage patients to call at (786) 338-9228.

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