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Why Would I Need a Root Canal Procedure?

When your dental pulp has been injured, inflamed, or infected, you may find yourself being faced with possible endodontic therapy called a "root canal."  While the root canal is specifically the area of the tooth in which the nerve endings follow through the root of a tooth, the procedure itself is an entirely different thing.

The root canal procedure is actually when the dentist goes within the tooth to remove the dental pulp, then cleans out the area and fills it with a synthetic material to fill the tooth and help it keep some of its original integrity.  The tooth is then typically topped with a crown to help protect it from further damage.  The root canal leaves the tooth "dead," meaning it no longer has the nerve endings that can result in pain or sensitivity to the individual.

But why would someone actually need a root canal?  There are various reasons why a dentist may schedule and perform a root canal procedure.  First, it could be from decay on the tooth's surface, allowing debris and sensitivity to reach the dental pulp.  Second, blatant neglect of oral hygiene, which causes the dental pulp to become inflamed and infected.  Third, nerve exposure, which can cause severe pain and sensitivity to the patient.  Fourth, trauma or damage to the tooth or dental pulp itself, leaving a dentist no choice but to attempt to save the tooth by performing a root canal procedure.

The reasons for a root canal procedure are numerous, but these are the four main reasons one might be considered for the procedure.  Even though many individuals refer to root canals as being extremely painful, they are typically painless due to the anesthesia that the dentist can administer to numb and deaden the area for comfort.

Root canals are necessary, and should be done as soon as possible to avoid further damage or infection to the tooth you are trying to save.  Consider calling Miami Modern Dental at (786) 338-9228 for your root canal needs!

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