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What are the benefits of traditional partial dentures for Miami patients?

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When tooth loss occurs, many patients feel unsure what solution may be best to restore their smiles. With dental implants, traditional partial dentures, and dental bridges, many have trouble deciding what treatment provides them with the most benefits. Not every patient’s situation is the same, and certain conditions may keep a patient from having a specific procedure done. For example, dental implants require patients to have a sufficient amount of bone structure to maintain the restoration, and dental bridges require strong surrounding teeth for support. Many of these types of patients may turn to traditional partial dentures from Miami Modern Dental as their ideal solution.

Traditional partial dentures are made of plastic and metal framework. They have false teeth that slide into place filling the gaps when the denture is worn. These removable dentures may seem to be a less desirable solution for many, but they do offer several advantages over the alternatives.


Traditional partial dentures have come a long way over the course of time. These dentures are made to be as discreet as possible, and the false teeth are made to match the patient’s existing teeth to blend in smoothly with the rest of the dental arch. Beauty and natural appearance are of utmost importance to Drs. Marlon Pasquier and Marlon Pasquier, Jr.

Easy to Clean

Since traditional partial dentures can be removed from the dental arch, they are easy to keep clean. Patients can clean them with their toothbrush and soak them in denture cleaning solution overnight to avoid the growth of bacteria. Patients can also floss and maintain the rest of their smile with ease.


Traditional partial dentures may be considered for patients who are still deciding on the best permanent solution for their smile. It is best to have some restoration put in place to ensure that surrounding teeth do not shift out of place due to the gap. By having a partial denture in place, teeth stay in their original positions and a final decision can be made later if the patient so desires.


Traditional partial dentures are extremely affordable and can fit most any budget. Patients are often concerned about the cost of dental treatments, and are happy to discover that this restoration is extremely attainable.

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