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Who Should Consider Cosmetic Dentures?

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Whether you have lost your teeth from age, trauma, or poor dental care, Miami Modern Dental is here to help! When teeth are missing, many individuals may find relief with cosmetic dentures. Cosmetic dentures can be either full dentures or partial dentures that are used in order to improve a smile that may have been changed due to the loss of a tooth or teeth.

Who should consider cosmetic dentures? Cosmetic dentures are typically the first mode of treatment for individuals who have lost teeth and are looking to bring back the appearance of a natural, healthy smile. Cosmetic dentures may be either full dentures or partial dentures. The technology used to create dentures has become so advanced, many denture wearers feel that their dentures look as great as their natural teeth! You no longer have to deal with others noticing that you have false teeth like those who have had dentures in the past.

Cosmetic dentures are a less expensive alternative when it comes to the other ways of addressing missing teeth. If one tooth is missing, a patient may strongly consider a dental bridge, which is used to fill in areas where one tooth is missing, utilizing the surrounding teeth for stabilization. Dental implants are also another solution to missing teeth; however, many patients find them to be considerably more expensive. Oftentimes patients will consider cosmetic dentures first before jumping in and having dental implants put in, as this is a more invasive procedure. Cosmetic dentures are also great for anyone that wants their false teeth to be easy to clean. Dentures will snap out of the mouth and can be cleaned on their own, just as one would a retainer or other oral appliance.

If you are considering cosmetic dentures, or an alternative, call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pasquier of Miami Modern Dental. You could be on your way to a beautiful smile in as little as two dentist appointments!

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