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Dentist in Miami describes the expected cost of dentures


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The team of Miami Modern Dental is proud to assist patients in Florida with many oral health concerns. When patients are missing teeth, they need to discuss with their dentists the options available to them for restoring their smiles. In some cases, dentures may be considered. The cost of dentures is often a selling point for patients seeking economical solutions.

Dentures available

Drs. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. and Marlon Pasquier, Jr. offer two primary types of dentures to patients in the area – partial dentures and full dentures. The dentures used are determined based on how many teeth are missing or extracted from the smile. A partial denture is used for one or more teeth within the arch, while a full denture replaces all of them.

Cost of dentures

The cost of dentures cannot be determined for a patient without an initial evaluation and consultation appointment. The cost of dentures varies greatly when it comes to the materials used and the number of teeth being replaced. Additionally, patients with dental insurance may have a much lower cost after they have applied their coverage and reimbursement. We encourage patients to make an appointment with our dentists for an initial discussion about tooth replacement concerns and then to talk about what type of denture is necessary. Once this information has been discussed and narrowed down, our dentists can give a much more accurate quote in regards to the cost of dentures in our practice. There are several variables which need to be considered for pricing.

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The dentists of Miami Modern Dental are available to help patients decide which tooth restoration solution is most appropriate for their specific needs and budget. Their practice is conveniently located in Miami, Florida at 7155 W. Flagler Street and can be contacted by calling (786) 338-9228.
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