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Many patients think of the elderly when they hear about dentures, but this isn't always the case. Dentures encompass a number of restorative pieces, such as partial dentures, full dentures, and even Snap-On smiles. While age can be a factor when it comes to tooth loss, trauma, damage, extraction, and disease can all result in a person considering some form of denture to maintain their beautiful smile.

Dentures are dental apparatuses that are used to restore a smile for a patient, giving them the ability to keep their chewing and biting efficiency after tooth loss. Dentures can be used to replace an entire arch of teeth, or can be used to replace one or more teeth within a smile. Partial dentures that replace fewer teeth are similar to retainers with false teeth attached, and snap into the dental arch to fill the spaces left behind. Dr. Marlon Pasquier of Miami Modern Dental also offers Snap-On smiles, which are temporary restorative pieces that can be used to transform your smile quickly and easily for special events and situations.

Nearly anyone who has lost a tooth or several teeth may benefit from dentures. Patients may lose their teeth due to poor oral care. Miami dentist Dr. Pasquier can help these patients by providing dentures. Patients who want to improve the way they speak by replacing teeth can also enjoy the benefits of dentures, as well as those who want better biting and chewing efficiency. Dentures can also help patients achieve a healthier, more youthful smile than what they have been able to maintain in the past. Denture-wearers can also benefit from the improvement in the physical appearance of their face, correcting the look of a sunken-in face and lips that can occur due to tooth loss. The opportunities to rejuvenate a patient's smile with dentures are endless!

Dentures are an affordable alternative to other dental restorations such as bridges and dental implants; however, you can consult with Dr. Pasquier regarding your dental situation to determine the best restorative procedure for you. From dentures to dental implants, there is a variety of cosmetic treatments that can help you achieve a beautiful, stunning smile! Call today to schedule an appointment at Miami Modern Dental to take charge of your most amazing asset!

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