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How Doral patients can experience a new smile in six months with braces

Patients in and around the Doral area who are interested in learning about alternative orthodontic treatments may visit the team of Miami Modern Dental to learn about PowerProx Six Month Braces.

PowerProx Six Month Braces is a wonderful solution to misalignment of the anterior teeth which may cause patients to feel self-conscious or embarrassed. Crooked or overcrowded teeth in the front of the smile can be addressed without conventional braces. PowerProx Six Month Braces utilizes wires and brackets on the teeth but these are metal and can be extremely unattractive over the teeth. Some patients may need to have these braces on their teeth for months, even years, which can add to the embarrassment. Patients who are ready for an alterative often seek assistance with the team of Miami Modern Dental to find out if PowerProx Six Month Braces fit their needs.

Mild to moderate misalignment can be addressed with PowerProx Six Month Braces, while more advanced cases may require conventional treatments. This method of realignment is done quickly due tot eh self-litigating wires used to gently reposition the teeth. Patients with overcrowding may need to undergo extraction of one or more teeth to make room for the existing teeth within the dental arch. This can all be discussed with a dental professional during the initial consultation appointment.

PowerProx Six Month Braces has been used for many years to rejuvenate smiles. Our patients find this treatment to be comfortable, effective, and very affordable in terms of comparison with traditional orthodontic methods. Patients do not need to see a dental specialist for treatment and can work with a dental team they already know and trust.

Interested in learning more about PowerProx Six Month Braces? Want to find out if you are an appropriate candidate for fixing your smile in-between dental cleanings? Wondering if PowerProx Six Month Braces can help you achieve the beautiful smile you've always wanted? If so, contact Miami Modern Dental to schedule a consultation visit and evaluation with Drs. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. and Marlon Pasquier, Jr. Our team can help determine if Six Month Braces are the best solution for rejuvenating the appearance of your smile quickly, easily, and affordably.

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