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Inside information: Miami area dentists describe Six Month Braces vs. Invisalign

Orthodontics has been used for years for correcting misalignment of the smile. Malocclusion is an issue that not only affects the aesthetics of the smile, but also the function. Bite problems may result in issues with the jaw such as TMJ disorder. This can be a painful experience and may be resolved with orthodontics. Traditional orthodontics use metal brackets and wires to realign the teeth, though there have been many advancements in the technology and treatments used for repairing the smile.

At Miami Modern Dental, we offer an alternative known as Six Month Braces. This method still uses brackets and wires, but the self-ligating wires and brackets placed on the anterior teeth provide faster movement and earlier removal. These brackets and wires are also “tooth colored” which allows them to blend in and appear much less obvious. Other dentists may provide treatments such as Invisalign. Invisalign uses aligner trays that snap over the dental arch to realign the teeth. Many patients are curious to learn about Six Month Braces vs. Invisalign.


The modality of realigning the smile is different with both treatments. Invisalign uses trays that are worn over the dental arch to push the teeth into slowly better positions, while Six Month Braces uses brackets and wires in a more traditional method.


Six Month Braces and Invisalign are both used for patients who have mild to moderate malocclusion of the teeth. Invisalign can be used for realigning the bite, while Six Month Braces are better suited for patients who have cosmetic issues with the teeth in the front of the smile, also known as the anterior teeth.


The cost of Six Month Braces and Invisalign will vary depending on the severity of the misalignment. Both orthodontic treatments may be covered by dental insurance, depending on one’s plan.

Time to Completion

In many cases, Six Month Braces provide faster treatment, but again, this is determined by the severity of misalignment. Patients with a mild misalignment may be able to achieve the same results in a similar period, while patients with malocclusion of the bite may need more time with Invisalign to achieve the desired results.

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