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Patients in and around the Miami, FL area ask about the cost of invisible braces

In Miami, FL, appearance means everything. Patients want to look their absolute best for themselves and for others. When patients are struggling with imperfections such as misaligned, crooked, or overcrowded teeth, they may feel the need to cover their smiles when they talk or avoid laughing and smiling at others when in social situations. However, life doesn’t have to be like this. Patients have options available other than embarrassing metal bracket and wire braces. Thanks to continued advances in cosmetic dentistry, patients can now enjoy options such as invisible braces.

Invisible braces are more discreet than traditional braces. These treatments, such as Six Month Braces, use special, self-ligating brackets and wires that are tooth-colored rather than conventional metal to ensure beauty throughout treatment. Orthodontia used in the past often brought to mind pictures of “metal mouth” and a negative stigma associated with teenagers. Six Month Braces offers an alternative solution that does not affect the appearance of the smile throughout treatment and offers a dazzling transformation in just several months.

Drs. Pasquier, of Miami Modern Dental, work with patients to determine if Six Month Braces are appropriate for their smile. This method of orthodontia cannot address severe cases of malocclusion, nor can it be used to realign the bite. Instead, Six Month Braces focuses on the anterior teeth—the teeth others see when patients smile. By concentrating on these teeth near the front of the mouth, Six Month Braces can perform faster treatment than conventional braces.

Many patients who are interested in Six Month Braces often ask about the cost. Cost can vary, depending on how many teeth are being adjusted, the severity of the misalignment, and on whether patients take care of their smile during treatment. Drs. Pasquier, recommend patients schedule a consultation appointment and examination at their practice to find out if they are a good fit for this service. If so, an accurate price quote can be made and patients can choose from many different financing options to make their dream a reality!

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