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Miami area dentist describes the average monthly cost of braces

Drs. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. and Marlon Pasquier, Jr. enjoy providing Miami area residents with several solutions to common cosmetic dental issues. When patients are struggling with misalignment of the teeth, they may feel as though the only way they can achieve a better smile is with months or even years of traditional braces. The average monthly cost of traditional braces can be steep and may not be in everyone’s budget.

However, there are alternative treatments available in the area. At Miami Modern Dental, we provide a treatment known as Six Month Braces for patients who are dealing with mild to moderate misalignment of the teeth near the front of the mouth. This particular orthodontic treatment can provide patients with a more attractive look in approximately six months—hence the name!

Six Month Braces use brackets and wires just like traditional braces, but these are tooth-colored and much more discreet. They are also on the teeth for a shorter period because of the technology used to realign the smile with these specialized brackets and wires that are self-ligating. Drs. Pasquier have years of experience in providing this alternative solution to conventional braces and encourage patients to consider them when learning about ways of realigning the smile.

Six Month Braces have a lower average monthly cost. They are incredibly affordable, and we encourage patients to take the time to learn about our payment plans for those who are paying for their treatment out-of-pocket. Depending on dental insurance policies, some patients may be able to reduce their expenses with coverage, though not all insurance companies cover cosmetic treatments such as orthodontics. This is something that can be discussed with our front office team who will be filing the dental insurance claim and can find out if partial or full coverage for orthodontic work is available.

If you live in the Miami area and you have considered orthodontic treatment, now is a great time to learn about Six Month Smiles from the team of Miami Modern Dental. Our doctors work closely with new and existing patients to help them decide what services are best suited for their smiles!

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