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How does Zoom! teeth whitening work at the Miami dental practice?

At Miami Modern Dental, Drs. Pasquier are committed to not only helping their patients achieve a healthy smile, but also to assisting them in enjoying a beautiful one. Some patients have extreme cosmetic issues that need to be addressed with several treatments and procedures to achieve the smile they’ve wanted. Others just need a simple tooth whitening procedure to boost the whiteness of their smile. At Drs. Pasquier’s practice, they offer a variety of whitening treatments, including at-home whitening and Zoom! teeth whitening. Miami Modern Dental is the practice to visit for quality bleaching treatments such as these.

Zoom! teeth whitening system allows patients to have in-office whitening done in approximately one hour. It can leave teeth up to eight shades whiter after just one appointment, providing amazing results that can last several months.

Many patients who consult with Drs. Pasquier in regards to the Zoom! whitening system are curious about what the treatment entails. Patients are put at ease, learning that there is no pain or discomfort during the treatment. In fact, patients will sit back and relax during their entire treatment.

At the beginning of the treatment, patients will get comfortable in the dentist’s chair. A plastic protector is put on the patient’s mouth to hold the lips and cheeks away from their gums and teeth. Then, a barrier gel will be painted onto the patient’s gums to ensure none of the bleaching agent affects the gums. Then, bleaching gel will be brushed onto the patient’s teeth. A specialized light will be focused on the patient’s smile to activate the whitening gel and begin the whitening process.

The length of time needed will vary, depending on how severe the patient’s discoloration is, and how their tooth enamel is responding to the bleaching treatment. In most cases, the treatment is done in approximately one hour.

Drs. Pasquier are proud to offer both at-home whitening and Zoom! in-office whitening. Miami residents can speak with them regarding the advantages and disadvantages of each, and learn how teeth whitening can best benefit them and their smiles.

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