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Talk to your Miami dentist, tooth whitening options are not all the same

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If your smile is less than dazzling, you may be considering trying some of the over the counter whitening products that are advertised so heavily. To save yourself a lot of money and disappointment, it would be wise to research all available commercial and professional whitening options so you can make an informed decision. Talk to friends and family who have tried the over the counter products and those who have had their teeth whitened professionally, and then compare their degrees of satisfaction. More importantly, talk to your Miami dentist; tooth whitening can be very confusing.

Some over the counter options are:
  • Toothpastes – at best, these may lighten your teeth by one shade. They can only remove surface stains because their effectiveness comes from abrasives and polishing agents.
  • Teeth whitening gels – are brushed directly on the teeth and you will see some results in seven to fourteen days, which will last about four months.
  • Teeth whitening strips – typically used twice a day for two weeks, you will see some whitening, which will last several months
  • Teeth whitening rinses – these can take up to three months to see results, and are generally considered not as effective as other options.
  • Whitening kits – provide a slightly deeper level of whitening, but at the risk of leaky trays that can cause irritation to oral tissues, and in some cases sensitivity as well.
If you choose to try any of the above methods, make sure to consult your dentist first. The condition of your teeth and dental work you’ve had done may influence the effectiveness of whitening products.

Professional whitening is accomplished with stronger bleaching agents. The law limits the strength of products sold over the counter for safety reasons. Over the counter whitening products versus professional solutions is similar to over the counter medications versus prescription ones. A trained professional can oversee the use of stronger products to make certain they are used correctly and safely.

Call Miami Modern Dental today, you will benefit from the training, wisdom, and experience of Drs. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. and Marlon Pasquier, Jr. and their staff. Under their watchful eye, you can make an informed decision regarding over the counter options. They also provide professional in-office whitening, which is very fast, and take home kits, which give results in a week. With their help, you know you will achieve that dazzling smile of your dreams!

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