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Why patients in the Doral, FL area may request tooth whitening treatment from a dental professional

Over the years, teeth whitening has become exceptionally popular as a way to rejuvenate the smile and help achieve those pearly whites everyone wants. In fact, a visit to the drugstore shows an entire aisle dedicated to oral health and teeth whitening solutions. However, patients who have actually tried these over-the-counter options are often unhappy with the results. These products are not made with the high strength peroxide that professional teeth whitening solutions are. Many patients consider visiting a dental practice to learn about tooth whitening options that are not only affordable but effective in providing optimum results.

Drs. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. and Marlon Pasquier, Jr, of Miami Modern Dental, are here to help Doral, FL area patients with their cosmetic needs. Not only do we offer a myriad of quality cosmetic dentistry procedures to new and existing patients, but we provide patients with professional-grade whitening products and services to enhance their smiles.

At the practice of Miami Modern Dental, our father and son team offers two methods of enhancement, our take-home whitening kits, and our in-office power bleaching. Both treatment options are effective at removing deep, stubborn stains and providing quick and easy rejuvenation for dull, discolored teeth. Drs. Pasquier provide consultation appointments and initial evaluations to determine which treatment will be beneficial for individuals interested in transforming their smile.

Both treatment options available at Miami Modern Dental offer quality results. Patients are urged to contact our team to determine which is best for them. Patients who want to take their time and have more control over their whitening results are encouraged to consider the take-home kit, while patients who need to have their whitening done quickly for an upcoming event may be better suited for the in-office power bleaching which can be done within approximately one hour during just a single appointment.

At Miami Modern Dental, we care for you and your family and are ready to provide new patients with their cosmetic dentistry needs. Contact us today to book a consultation visit with Drs. Pasquier and learn more about the many methods of whitening the smile.

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