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Can tooth decay result in a Miami patient requiring root canal therapy?

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Many patients are instantly fearful when they hear the words “root canal.” This procedure often brings to mind pain and anxiety for patients of all ages. However, the treatment is simple, routine, and can address a serious dental concern.

Root canal therapy is a common endodontic procedure performed by Drs. Pasquier of Miami Modern Dental. It is done to remove the dental pulp of the tooth while allowing the patient to maintain his or her natural tooth. This treatment is often highly feared due to pain, when in reality, the treatment relieves the patient of discomfort.

Root canal treatment is necessary when the dental pulp is infected, diseased, or traumatized. This happens for a variety of reasons, but it may be caused by severe tooth decay. When tooth decay reaches the inner portion of the tooth, it can result in pain by infecting the dental pulp. The dental pulp includes the nerves and blood supply of the tooth, thus resulting in discomfort for the patient. During the root canal therapy, the doctor drills to reach the dental pulp, and then removes it and sterilizes the inside of the tooth. After this has been done, a special filling is used to seal the tooth. In many instances, a dental crown is used to cover and protect the tooth, which may now become weak and brittle due to the procedure.

Root canal therapy allows the patient to maintain the natural tooth and keep their biting and chewing efficiency while addressing the cause of the pain. It is a last resort option before the extraction. Drs. Pasquier take x-rays and visually examines the tooth to determine when a root canal is needed, and discusses with patients their ultimate options before proceeding.

Drs. Pasquier, of Miami Modern Dental, provide a wide variety of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures that patients can have to improve the health and beauty of their smile. From teeth whitening to porcelain veneers, from fillings to root canals, Drs. Pasquier and their team of professionals assist patients in achieving the smile of their dreams while maintaining the healthy and dignity of their smile.

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