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Why might a doctor or dentist in Miami, FL recommend root canal therapy?

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I am so happy with the services of the clinic and also with the low cost. I do not hesitate to recommend them.

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Drs. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. and Marlon Pasquier, Jr. of Miami Modern Dental provide a wide range of dental treatments for patients seeking periodontal, cosmetic, or general dentistry solutions for their smile. Patients who are unhappy with the appearance or health of their mouth can enjoy the care of our quality dental team conveniently located in Miami, FL. While many patients visit the dentist for regular examinations or for problems with the cosmetics of their smile, some visit for problems such as pain and inflammation. Situations such as this require the assistance of a root canal doctor.

The dental team at Miami Modern Dental is here to help patients handle any dental problems that may arise. In some situations, patients may experience a severe toothache, which brings them to our practice for answers. After a thorough evaluation, some patients may be told they need root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy is a procedure in which the dentist removes the dental pulp from the inside of the tooth. The pulp contains the nerves and blood supply of a natural tooth. Once it is removed, the tooth is no longer "alive." Patients cannot experience pain and discomfort of the tooth anymore. However, they are able to keep the natural tooth, which is extremely important for the health and aesthetics of their smiles.

Several situations may occur that cause a dentist to suggest root canal therapy. First is infection. If the dental pulp is infected, it can cause pain, which indicates the removal of the dental pulp is necessary. This can occur due to periodontal disease or deep dental decay. Second, patients may need root canal therapy if trauma or injury has occurred to the dental pulp. This can also be caused by an abscess.

Root canal therapy is a relatively simple process. Patients will arrive for their appointment and will receive proper anesthetic and sedation. The dentist drills into the tooth, removes the dental pulp, cleans and disinfects the tooth, and then fills and seals the tooth. Depending on the situation, a dental crown may also be made to fit over the tooth to protect it from damage.

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