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What happens during root canal therapy for Miami, FL patients?

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When patients hear the words “root canal,” they automatically associate this procedure with pain and discomfort. However, the procedure is done to relieve patients from these concerns. During root canal therapy, Miami, FL patients will have the true problem addressed to bring their smile back to its original health and wellbeing.

Drs. Pasquier and Pasquier Jr. of Miami Modern Dental offer root canal therapy for patients who are dealing with severe tooth decay, the development of an abscess, or infected dental pulp. With the exception of extracting the tooth, root canal therapy is the only way to stop the pain.

Many patients ask about the process of the root canal therapy. First, patients will undergo an examination, and x-rays may be completed to ensure that root canal therapy will address the problem. Once this has been determined, patients will be scheduled for their treatment. Patients may also discuss sedation methods during this initial consultation if desired.

Before anything is done, the dentist first anesthetizes the patient. This may include sedation if it has been determined to be helpful for the individual. Once the area is numbed and the patient is comfortable, the dentist drills a hole into the tooth. This allows him to access the inner portion of the tooth and remove the dental pulp. The dental pulp includes tissues, blood supply, and the nerves that result in the pain a patient experiences. Once removed, the area is disinfected and thoroughly cleaned before the tooth is sealed and restored with a dental crown for strength and protection of the natural tooth. In most cases, the treatment takes approximately 30 minutes and allows patients to continue with their day with minimal discomfort.

Drs. Pasquier and Pasquier Jr. are committed to ensuring patients in the Miami, FL area have access to quality, affordable dental care through Miami Modern Dental. Their state-of-the-art dental facility allows them to provide the best dental care for patients of all ages, offering family and cosmetic dentistry services.

If you believe you may benefit from root canal therapy, contact the dentists at Miami Modern Dental today to schedule an initial consultation and examination to determine the need for this procedure.

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