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I feel very confident and secure being under Dr Pasquier care, because in addition to his experience, he explains every facet of treatment and why it is necessary. I've never had a problem with the cost, in fact I have already recommended Dr Pasquier to my friends and they were also very satisfied. The care is excellent, they remind me of my appointment, and always worry about how I feel during treatment.

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Who doesn't want a beautiful, straight smile? Misaligned teeth can strip many people of their confidence. It can cause them to cover their mouth when they smile or laugh, or they may even stop doing those things altogether. Crooked teeth can also be detrimental to your oral health because they are more prone to plaque buildup and decay. For some, they are lucky enough to have a straight smile naturally. For many others, dental treatment is required to achieve that million-dollar smile. Luckily, for patients who want the benefits of braces without the years spent wearing them, Drs. Pasquier offer their patients in Miami Six Month Braces for fast effective correction.

Six Month Braces is an alternative to traditional braces and a way for patients to straighten teeth quickly without the inconvenience and the constant appearance of metal brackets on the front of the teeth. This innovative technology corrects minor problems like crooked teeth in just a few short months. Six Month Braces is an excellent solution for adults who want to improve their smile but feel like years in traditional braces will not fit in with their lifestyle.

Six Month Braces can help with issues such as:
  • Minor misalignment
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Overcrowding
  • Improper spacing
  • Crooked teeth

The Six Month Braces Technology

Six Month Braces utilizes similar technology to traditional braces, but it has been modified to work on a faster timeline. The braces cause the teeth to move into the correct position within the mouth by applying a light, constant pressure. Once the braces are removed, patients will be fitted with a retainer to keep the teeth in the correct position.

Patients with Six Month Braces will need to follow-up with Drs. Pasquier for adjustment appointments. These typically last fifteen minutes and are necessary every few weeks. The average treatment duration for patients with Six Month Braces is four to eleven months.

Stop wishing you had straighter teeth. Your smile is a way to share your personality with the world and is something that should make you proud. Find out how you can have the smile of your dreams. Call our office today to learn more about Six Month Braces.

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