Which Miami, FL residents are the best candidates for Six Month Braces?

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I feel very confident and secure being under Dr Pasquier care, because in addition to his experience, he explains every facet of treatment and why it is necessary. I've never had a problem with the cost, in fact I have already recommended Dr Pasquier to my friends and they were also very satisfied. The care is excellent, they remind me of my appointment, and always worry about how I feel during treatment.

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A beautiful smile is characterized by brilliantly white teeth that are straight and dazzling. This "ultimate smile" is what many patients who visit Miami Modern Dental are seeking. To help their patients reach this goal of a beautiful smile, Drs. Pasquier, in Miami, FL, often suggest Six Month Braces.

Six Month Braces is an orthodontic treatment that addresses the anterior teeth—the teeth near the front of the mouth. These teeth can be realigned quickly with Six Month Braces. This modern method of straightening the teeth allows patients to do so in a relatively quick manner, avoiding years of traditional orthodontic treatment.

There are many benefits to Six Month Braces. The two most common reasons patients choose this method is because it is fast and aesthetically pleasing. Instead of hiding the smile behind metal for years at a time, Six Month Braces allows patients to improve their smile while still feeling confident and beautiful during treatment. It is also an affordable and effective way of obtaining a straighter smile than conventional braces, making it a highly desirable alternative.

The best candidates for Six Month Braces are those who have mild misalignment of the front teeth. This method of realignment is not designed for patients who have moderate to severe misalignment of the entire dental arch and the bite. These patients may be better suited for treatments such as clear aligner trays or traditional orthodontics, depending on the severity of their malocclusion. With an examination, Drs. Pasquier of Miami Modern Dental can assist patients in finding out which orthodontic treatment is best for their specific needs.

If you live in the Miami, FL area or surrounding communities and have considered orthodontic treatment, contact our dental team today to schedule an initial appointment and learn about Six Month Braces.

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