Miami area patients ask, "How much do adult braces cost?"

Adult patients located in the Miami area who are interested in rejuvenating their smiles by realigning their teeth are often faced with undergoing orthodontic work. Orthodontics, also known as braces, is often a treatment that many men and women will avoid if possible. The idea of covering their teeth with metal brackets and wires is enough to keep anyone from improving their smile. Thankfully, over the years, braces have changed dramatically and patients have a wide range of choices available to them, including adult braces such as Six Month Braces.

Six Month Braces is a solution for individuals who want something quick and effective to repair mild to moderate malocclusion of the smile. When patients are dealing with problems associated with the "social six," the front-most teeth, they can improve them with the use of Six Month Braces. Six Month Braces uses tooth-colored brackets and wires for more discreet treatment, and allows patients to rejuvenate their smiles within months instead of years. Time and aesthetics alone are what attract many patients to this method of treatment.

Patients who visit Miami Modern Dental to speak with Drs. Pasquier are surprised to learn that the cost of these adult braces makes treatment relatively affordable, especially when compared to traditional orthodontics. Conventional metal bracket and wire braces can cost thousands of dollars and require months, sometimes years, of adjustments and treatment. Instead, our team encourages patients to consider the affordability of alternative solutions such as Six Month Braces when they are viable candidates for the process.

If you live in or around the area of Miami and are interested in learning about the cost and expectations of Six Month Braces, contact our team today. Our father/son team at Miami Modern Dental is here to assist patients in improving the health, appearance, and function of their smiles with orthodontics along with many other aesthetic treatments. Call our state-of-the-art practice today to book a consultation. We welcome both new and existing patients into our facility and we provide a wide range of services.

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