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I feel very comfortable with the attention from the doctors and staff. The truth is that my experience has been very good with regards to my dental treatment. I try to comment about the quality of work to everyone I meet. I am very happy with my dentist.

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A straight smile can be the source of confidence for many Miami area patients. Misalignment and crooked teeth are often reasons why many patients avoid smiling, laughing, and talking to others. Some may unconsciously cover their mouth with their hands to avoid showing others their imperfect smile. When patients visit Miami Modern Dental with aesthetic concerns such as these, they are introduced to the idea of orthodontic treatment. However, many patients are turned off by the idea of conventional braces with metal brackets and wires. Thankfully, Drs. Marlon Pasquier Sr. and Marlon Pasquier Jr. of Miami Modern Dental offer an alternative solution called PowerProx Six Month Braces.

Six Month Braces is a revolutionary way for patients to realign their smile without the need for traditional metal braces. Instead, this method utilizes clear brackets and wires which are much more discreet and do not hide the smile during treatment. Patients find that this alternative is much more aesthetically pleasing and are more apt to consider this treatment versus those available through an orthodontist. Additionally, the team of Miami Modern Dental can apply these braces lingually, which allows them to be placed behind the teeth for an even more aesthetic solution.

Using alternative orthodontic solutions such as PowerProx Six Month Braces allows patients to enjoy improved self-confidence throughout treatment. Patients can achieve the smile of their dreams without having to worry about the appearance of their smile while attaining it. Six Month Braces allows patients to enjoy the advantages of a straighter smile, including improved oral health. Teeth that are straight and aligned are easier to clean and are not at risk for periodontal disease in the same way as crooked teeth with many crevices and areas for food particles and bacteria to harbor.

Many patients enjoy PowerProx Six Month Braces because they are fast, effective, and affordable. Without hiding behind unsightly metal, patients can rejuvenate their smile quickly and easily. Patients are encouraged to schedule a consultation appointment with Drs. Pasquier to learn about the many options available with today’s solutions and find out if Six Month Braces is a viable way of attaining a more beautiful smile.

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