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A beautiful, straight smile is possible in just six months with orthodontic braces in Miami

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Orthodontic braces Miami
Do your crooked teeth keep you from showing your smile? If you have avoided orthodontic treatment because you don’t want to spend years in unsightly braces, consider Six Month Braces from Miami Modern Dental.

A bright, beautiful smile in just six months

Having a beautiful smile is important to our patients, which is why it’s a passion of ours. We focus on helping patients achieve their dream smile along with improved oral health. The Six Month Braces orthodontic system allows us to do both.

Whether you are preparing for a major life event, or simply want a healthier, more attractive smile, Six Month Braces can give you results that show. The system works by focusing on the teeth that are visible rather than the entire arch.

Benefits of Six Month Braces

Traditional braces address all the teeth and correct problems with the bite. Because these changes are made gradually, treatment time can last years. For adults with mild to moderate misalignment, Six Month Braces works much faster.

This cosmetic orthodontic solution will improve the appearance of the smile while also improving oral health by correcting misalignment, which can make it difficult to fully clean the teeth.

Some other benefits include:
  • Brackets and wires are tooth-colored and small for discreet treatment
  • Results in anywhere from 4 to 9 months
  • Movement of teeth is gentle for patient comfort
  • Often more cost-effective than traditional braces

Your dream smile can be a reality

You don’t have to settle for crooked teeth or a smile that you don’t love. Treatment can be quick and easy with the help of Six Month Braces. If you are ready to make a change, we’d like to help you. Contact the team at Miami Modern Dental today to schedule your consultation for Six Month Braces. Call (786) 338-9228 .

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