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Clear braces are the perfect choice for patients with mild malocclusion

Clear braces Miami, Clear Braces Miami The dedicated team of professionals at Miami Modern Dental work closely with patients to provide the services they need to have the smile of their dreams. Patients with mild malocclusion who are interested in improving the alignment of their teeth are welcome to book an appointment with us to learn about a way of treating this condition called PowerProx Six Month Braces.

What are PowerProx Six Month Braces?

These braces, sometimes referred to as “clear braces,” are bracket and wire braces that use discreet components to achieve the same results as traditional braces. However, it is faster due to the fact that it has self-ligating wires. These wires reposition the teeth (both root and crown) quickly for results in just a few months’ time. Both teenagers and adults can enjoy the treatment when they have mild malocclusion of the teeth near the front of the mouth.

Who is a candidate for clear braces?

The best candidates have misalignment of the anterior (front) teeth. Our dental staff will take x-rays of the teeth to determine alignment issues and whether they can be improved in this manner. Patients with issues concerning their bite or with more severe malocclusion are not candidates for this procedure and should consider traditional types of orthodontics. Our practice can provide a referral for patients who are unable to undergo treatment with Six Month Braces.

If you are considering addressing the misalignment of the teeth but are uninterested in undergoing traditional braces, PowerProx Six Month Braces may be appropriate for you. The father and son team at Miami Modern Dental can evaluate the smile and determine if you are eligible for treatment. Contact Drs. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. and Marlon Pasquier, Jr. today to schedule an appointment at (786) 338-9228. We provide a wide range of aesthetic services for patients to consider, including, veneers, teeth whitening, dentures, dental implants, and bridges.

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