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Are Powerprox six month braces the fastest braces in the market?

Fast braces are any orthodontic system that can straighten and align teeth in a shorter amount of time than traditional braces, usually within three months to one year of total treatment time.

Since Powerprox six month braces can both quickly and safely align and straighten teeth, on average in six months they are considered to be fast braces. Furthermore, the actual treatment is mostly dependant on the severity of the individual case. For example, if someone has mild to moderate crowding and slight rotations on their teeth, treatment time could fall anywhere from three to six months. On the other hand, if someone has more severe crowding and heavily rotated teeth, treatment time could fall anywhere from six months to as long as a year. The treatment time rarely, if ever, extends beyond the one year mark with the PowerProx six month braces technique.

Regardless of whether your treatment time is as little as 3 months, or up to a year’s length, this is still a lot faster than traditional braces which usually take two years for completion.

The Powerprox six month braces technique was created with the understanding that many people and especially adults do not want to spend 2 years wearing metal braces. Powerprox six month braces offer a fast and safe alternative to traditional braces with comparable results. Teenagers also love this treatment option because it will prevent the loss of self esteem that usually follows with the more traditional types of braces.

If you are interested in fast braces then look no further, the Poweprox six month braces are not only fast but most importantly safe and reliable.

Feel great about your smile and call us today at (786) 338-9228 to schedule your free Powerprox six month braces consultation.

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