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When are PowerProx Braces Typically Not a Good Option?

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I feel very comfortable with the attention from the doctors and staff. The truth is that my experience has been very good with regards to my dental treatment. I try to comment about the quality of work to everyone I meet. I am very happy with my dentist.

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Straightening a smile no longer requires years of traditional metal wire and bracket braces. Many patients are turned off to the idea of having orthodontic work because of the fear of hiding their beautiful smile behind metal for their treatment. With PowerProx braces, teen and adult patients who have been unhappy with the way their smile looks can finally achieve their straighter, better-aligned smile faster and easier than ever before!

Many patients will consider braces for six months. Miami FL residents can quickly improve their smile with PowerProx, and will do so knowing that they will have rejuvenated their smile in a very short period of time. In addition, PowerProx braces use clear brackets and tooth-colored wires to make them less visible than traditional orthodontics. Their low force technique makes them comfortable and less painful than traditional orthodontics, though just as effective.

Not everyone is a good candidate for PowerProx braces for six months. Miami FL patients will want to first schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Pasquier to determine their eligibility for this form of orthodontic treatment. For patients who have minor readjustments near the front of their smile, PowerProx braces may be the best solution. However, there are situations in which PowerProx braces are not recommended. Patients with extreme misalignment, overlapped teeth, and bite issues will often be turned down for this form of treatment, as it will not be nearly as effective as other orthodontic solutions. PowerProx braces work best addressing misalignment on the very front teeth, the ones that are often the most noticeable when a patient smiles, talks, or bites. Patients who are dealing with much more severe problems in their smile will benefit tremendously with traditional orthodontic treatment.

In order to determine eligibility, patients are strongly encouraged to start with a consultation appointment and examination. This will allow Dr. Pasquier of Miami Modern Dental to find out if this is even a viable option for a patient considering cosmetic treatments such as this.

Call Dr. Pasquier of Miami Modern Dental today if you are considering orthodontic treatment to improve your smile quickly, easily, and affordably.

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