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How does the take-home tooth whitening system work for Miami patients?

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Over-the-counter whitening products have been available for several years. However, many people have been unsatisfied with the results. They have found them to be unsuccessful in treating intrinsic and extrinsic stains. Instead, patients are encouraged to visit Miami Modern Dental for quality tooth whitening assistance from a dental team with experience and superior products.

Drs. Pasquier and Pasquier Jr. offer two whitening techniques for helping patients reveal a more beautiful, stunning smile. In-office bleaching uses powerful whitening gels activated by a specialized light to brighten tooth enamel up to eight shades whiter in approximately one hour. This is perfect for patients who want a Hollywood shine quickly and affordably. Take-home whitening systems are also available.

Take-home tooth whitening systems are custom made for patients. It starts with an initial consultation appointment. Drs. Pasquier and Pasquier Jr. will ensure patients are proper candidates for treatments. Patients with restorations such as veneers, crowns, and tooth-colored fillings may not be appropriate candidates for treatment. Patients who are good candidates and want to undergo whitening treatments will start with a thorough cleaning. By cleaning the teeth before the whitening treatment, plaque and tartar will not interfere with the process. Then, impressions are taken of the patient's smile to make custom whitening trays for the top and bottom dental arches. These are fabricated and sent home with the patient, as well as whitening gel which is administered into the trays and worn for a specific period every day for several weeks. Patients will notice gradual improvements in the color of their smile, and will enjoy the benefits for several months.

Drs. Pasquier and Pasquier Jr. offer tooth whitening services to allow patients to treat staining and discoloration of the teeth, and do so in a way that is fast, affordable, and safe. If you live in the Miami area and are considering whitening services through a quality dental practice, contact the team at Miami Modern Dental today to schedule a consultation visit and determine if your smile can benefit from a professional whitening service.

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