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Is home teeth whitening better than professional whitening in Miami dental practices?

Drs. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. and Marlon Pasquier, Jr. of Miami Modern Dental see many patients in their practice who are interested in achieving a bright, beautiful "Hollywood" smile. While some think that a Hollywood smile is unattainable due to their tight budget, they may not realize how affordable teeth bleaching services can be. They may feel that their only option is the home teeth whitening treatments available over-the-counter at the local drugstore. Unfortunately, many of these fall short in providing noticeable results.

This is when the team of Miami Modern Dental may suggest professional teeth whitening. While professional teeth whitening treatments are more costly than those available over the counter, they are faster, stronger, and provide real results. In fact, our in-office power bleaching can achieve a smile up to eight shades whiter in just two hours, with our home whitening kits achieving similar results over the course of a few weeks.

Drs. Pasquier at Miami Modern Dental walk patients through the process of whitening their smile through a dental practice. The whitening products used in our facility are far stronger than those available over-the-counter because they are done with the guidance of a professional. This allows the whitening gels to be more concentrated because they are supervised by a dentist. Over-the-counter products cannot be as concentrated because of the chances of whitening going wrong without professional supervision.

At Miami Modern Dental, we offer both in-office power bleaching and take-home whitening trays. Both of these provide similar results but do so in different ways. The in-office power bleaching is done using a powerful light-activated bleaching gel, while the take-home kits include custom whitening trays and strong bleaching gel worn every day for a specific period. Our doctors are dedicated to helping patients determine which whitening procedure is best for their smiles.

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