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While the idea of a "root canal" brings forth ideas of clutching the dental chair in pain, it's actually quite the opposite experience than what the media and others may have shared. Patients who have pain within their teeth from infection or inflammation will benefit from root canal treatment. Miami Modern Dental's Dr. Pasquier can help get patients out of pain by performing root canal treatment and relieving the discomfort the patient is experiencing.

Before root canal treatment is started, antibiotics will be administered if the pain is caused by an infection. Once the infection is under control, patients will then undergo the procedure. Root canals are fast, easy, and predictable procedures for patients. Sedation may be used, along with anesthetics, in order to deaden the area and relax the patient. Dr. Pasquier will then drill a hole into the tooth that is being treated in order to reach the dental pulp within the inside of the tooth. The dental pulp is removed. The dental pulp is the area of the tooth that houses the nerves, blood vessels, and tissues that keep the tooth alive. This is all removed and the inside of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned. It is then sealed with dental bonding material. If the tooth receiving the root canal is near the back of the mouth, it may require a dental crown for protection. Teeth that have received root canals and have had the dental pulp removed may become weak and brittle over time. A dental crown bonded over the top of the tooth will help protect the tooth from any damage.

Root canal treatments will leave a patient feeling comfortable again, as it will remove the nerves from the tooth and any infection that may have occurred. Root canals are painless due to the anesthetics used, and a patient may feel minor soreness for the next 24 hours after treatment. Otherwise, the pain and discomfort will be addressed completely for the patient.

Dr. Pasquier offers root canal treatments as well as other general dentistry procedures and treatments. Call today to learn more, and schedule a consultation and examination for you and your family to get started with dental care at Miami Modern Dental.

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