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What is the Dental Pulp and What Happens if it Gets Injured?

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Dental pulp is the tissue that is protected by the enamel of your permanent teeth.  Deep within your tooth, beyond the enamel and above the roots, is the dental pulp.  The dental pulp is connected with nerves, and blood vessels and connective tissues within the dental pulp which help provide nutrients and moisture to the tooth itself.

The dental pulp--when inflamed, swollen, or infected--can cause mild to moderate pain for those who are experiencing cavities or damage to the tooth's protective enamel.  This is because the dental pulp is connected to sensitive nerves.  Pain from the dental pulp can also be experienced through extreme temperature changes, pressure, and debris through cracks or holes in the enamel or dentin.

Your enamel and the dentin that cover the dental pulp will typically protect you from feeling any pain or sensation from the dental pulp.  But when your tooth is cracked, damaged, or injured, you may experience sensitivity and pain because of the pulp coming into contact with foods, drinks, or experience other external sources of disturbance.

When your dental pulp is damaged or injured, you will typically need to perform a root canal to take out the pulp, clean out the infected area, and then fill the area with a synthetic material which will keep the individual from experiencing the pain they were previously suffering from.  This is a relatively painless procedure when anesthesia is used to numb the area and keep the individual from feeling the dental work as it occurs.

If you are experiencing trauma or pain from your dental pulp, it is essential that you have a dentist examine and treat the issue as soon as possible to avoid possible further infection or inflammation.  Dr. Pasquier and his team at Miami Modern Dental can help you find relief from the pain you are experiencing.  Don't wait and suffer in pain--contact Dr. Pasquier at (786) 338-9228 today to schedule a free consultation appointment.

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