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I feel very confident and secure being under Dr Pasquier care, because in addition to his experience, he explains every facet of treatment and why it is necessary. I've never had a problem with the cost, in fact I have already recommended Dr Pasquier to my friends and they were also very satisfied. The care is excellent, they remind me of my appointment, and always worry about how I feel during treatment.

A smile that sparkles is not only good for your self-confidence; it is also good for your health. Infections that start in the mouth can travel throughout the body and cause problems with your overall health. Keeping your mouth free of bacteria build-up is the first step to good oral care. Drs. Pasquier of Miami Modern Dental offers these tips:

Brush, brush, brush. Ideally, patients would brush after every meal. When that's not possible, it's important to maintain a regular morning and nighttime brushing routine. Find a soft-bristled brush that you like and is comfortable, and take your time. Ensure that you reach the back teeth and that you're applying a firm, but gentle, stroke. Brushing too hard can weaken the enamel of the tooth.

Floss, too. Flossing helps to remove plaque and food particles from in between your teeth. You should floss between any teeth that touch, as food can become stuck in those areas. In addition, you should remember to use a new area of the floss between each tooth.

Cut the sweets! Alternatively, if you can't cut them completely, be sure that you're eating a healthy diet. Foods such as candy, soda, breads, and mints have a high sugar content that can stick to the teeth, providing a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Substitute nuts or crunchy vegetables for candy bars and water or milk for fruit juice or soda.

Keep your appointments. Keeping a regular schedule of visits with the dentist ensures that your teeth stay healthy. Your dentist and his team not only provide you with a deep cleaning that you can't do at home, they can also spot weak or potential trouble areas and fix them before they turn into larger issues. Your dentist can also help ensure that your at-home dental care routine is effective.

Pay attention. Do you have a tooth that hurts when you eat something cold, hot, or sweet? Is there a dull ache somewhere? Did you chip your tooth a while ago and never got it fixed. Visiting the dentist can be intimidating, but the sooner you call, the sooner we can fix the problem. Pain in your mouth can be an indication of a developing problem and you'll want to get it fixed before it leads to a bigger issue.

If you're looking for a new dentist, or if you have any dental concerns call Drs. Pasquier at Miami Modern Dental. Drs. Pasquier and their entire team are committed to keeping your smile bright and your mouth healthy.

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