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Each day that we wake and prepare to greet the world, we are met with an image of ourselves in the mirror. When we like what we see, we feel a greater sense of assurance as we interact with others. Feeling dissatisfied with the appearance of the smile, can lead to a lowered sense of confidence. The appearance of the smile is so vital that feelings of dissatisfaction can affect every area of a person’s life.

If you are not happy with the appearance of your smile, it is time for a change. That change can come through specialized treatment in our cosmetic dentistry practice in Miami, FL. Sometimes, the slightest change can transform the smile in such a way that you have a renewed sense of confidence, and experience the positive effects throughout your life.

Change begins with you. If you have decided that your smile could use some attention, you are ready to find your cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic enhancement of the smile is something that most dental offices do, but you deserve to know your smile is in good hands with a dental team backed by years of experience and training. Drs. Pasquier have each undergone extensive training and continued education in areas relevant to our patients, and their own interests. With our team at work for you, your smile enhancement will be a success.

Once you have made your appointment with your cosmetic dentist, it is time to analyze your smile. Cosmetic dental treatment is all about you; your goals and desires, and your own perception of beauty. By evaluating your smile before your visit, you are better able to communicate the details you wish to see when you look in the mirror.

In the consultation phase of cosmetic dentistry, goals are set, for it is during this time when we get to know what is important to you. Without this step, we are only treating teeth, not the individual smile that is important to you.

At Miami Modern Dental, our primary purpose is to help our patients maintain optimal oral health. Beyond that, we understand the great importance of an attractive smile, and specialize in the treatments designed to help you enjoy your most beautiful smile.

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