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Why might a Miami patient need wisdom teeth removal?

As patients begin to age into their teen or young adult years, they may be faced with removing their wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth are near the rear of the mouth, and do not erupt until early adulthood. That is, if they erupt at all. Often, wisdom teeth may become impacted, infected, or cause pain before eruption. They may become troublesome when they do break through the gums. This is why many patients require wisdom teeth removal. At Miami Modern Dental, we offer wisdom teeth removal as well as simple extractions when necessary.

Wisdom teeth removal is done for a variety of reasons. The most common is impaction. When impaction occurs, it can result in:
  • Infection
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Damage of adjacent teeth
  • The development of cysts or tumors
  • Pain and discomfort
When this happens, Dr. Marlon Pasquier or Dr. Marlon Pasquier Jr., of Miami Modern Dental may suggest that wisdom teeth be removed. X-rays can help the dentists determine the location of the wisdom tooth and plan the extraction. The removal of wisdom teeth is a routine procedure that can be done in the dental practice and it allows the patient to return home the same day. It is done under sedation, and patients are extremely comfortable during the procedure. Patients are released from the dental office with care instructions, and are encouraged to contact their dentist after treatment if any concerns or questions arise. A follow-up appointment may be scheduled so that the dentist can ensure proper healing of the surgical area.

At Miami Modern Dental, we encourage patients to visit our practice if they are experiencing unusual pain or discomfort in the mouth. When this pain comes from the far back of the mouth, it is likely a problem caused by wisdom teeth. A thorough examination and x-rays may be competed to diagnose the problem and give patients options for treatment. Extraction of the wisdom teeth can reduce the risk of disease, infection, pain, and damage to the existing teeth, and may be the best course of action to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.

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