Lumineers or Implants for Periodontal Disease Doral - Smiling woman at Miami Modern Dental

Can Doral area patients use Lumineers or implants for smiles that have had periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease can affect anyone. This inflammation is often a result of poor oral hygiene habits. Some patients may be at a higher risk for periodontal disease than others depending on their overall health, medications they take, or any medical conditions they may currently have. However, Drs. Pasquier of Miami Modern Dental in the Doral area believe patients can restore their smile after gum disease and enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile years after the condition has been controlled.

Periodontal disease can cause damage to the smile in a big way. The bone of the jaw may begin to deteriorate. The gum tissue will pull away from the teeth because it will shrink. Teeth become loose and eventually fall out if the condition is not diagnosed and treated as soon as it is noticed. Thankfully, at Miami Modern Dental, Drs. Pasquier can assist with restorative options.

Lumineers and dental implants are popular cosmetic procedures that are done at Miami Modern Dental. Lumineers are placed over the front of the natural teeth to cover up imperfections, and dental implants are used to retain dentures, replace single teeth, or support dental bridges. When patients have experienced periodontal disease, they often wonder if they are still candidates for these types of treatments.

The answer will vary from patient to patient. Lumineers can often be done on anyone who has a healthy smile. They cover the front of teeth, so patients should still be diligent about visiting the dentist regularly for examinations to ensure problems do not begin to occur underneath the Lumineers. Dental implants, on the other hand, require sufficient bone structure for placement, and if the bone has been depleted, they may not be successful. Patients can discuss the possibility of repairing the bone with bone grafting, but this can be a timely and expensive option for tooth replacement. Patients interested in these types of restorations will want to consult with their dentist to see if they are appropriate candidates.

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