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Where can Miami patients obtain low cost dentures?

There are many reasons a patient may be struggling with tooth loss. Sometimes, patients lose teeth from trauma or extraction. Other patients lose their teeth due to the negative consequences of periodontal disease. When natural teeth go missing, patients will often feel as though they have no way of restoring their smile back to its natural beauty. However, cosmetic dentists such as Drs. Pasquier offer a way for patients to smile again, affordable dentures. Miami Modern Dental provides a variety of dentures for patients who are dealing with tooth loss and want to bring back the smile they once had. Many patients are not aware that there are affordable dentures. Miami residents often think that cosmetic dental treatments are expensive and outside of their budget. However, with the various options available, along with several financing alternatives, patients may find that dentures are more affordable than ever!

Drs. Pasquier of Miami Modern Dental offers several types of dentures, including complete cosmetic dentures, implant-supported dentures, traditional partial dentures, acrylic partial dentures (known as a “flipper”), Valplast partial dentures, and Snap on Smile dentures. Patients who want to learn about the various options can consult with Drs. Pasquier and their team of professionals to better understand the advantages and benefits that each provide, and to determine which one is best for their personal dental situation. No two patients are alike, and neither are treatments. Most restorations can be customized to the patient’s needs and desires.

In order to obtain affordable dentures, Miami residents can visit Drs. Pasquier during an initial consultation. During this time, Drs. Pasquier will first complete a full examination and learn more about the patient’s desires. X-rays may be taken, and other alternative treatments such as dental bridges and dental implants may be discussed. Once a patient has decided that dentures are right for them, Drs. Pasquier will talk about the various types, and explain which option may best restore the patient’s smile. Budget and financing options may be discussed at this point, in order to find a solution that the patient can comfortably afford. Together, dentists and patient can conclude which treatment is most satisfactory for the particular situation.

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