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Miami area patients ask about the cost of dentures

Dentures are a wonderful, economic solution for patients in the Miami area who are experiencing the loss of one or more teeth.

There are two common types of dentures, partial and full. Partial dentures work best in situations where patients are missing one or more teeth in a dental arch. They are fabricated from quality metal and acrylic and place false teeth in the appropriate spaces to keep the existing teeth from shifting. This also helps in maintaining the function of the smile as well as the beauty. Patients who have lost several teeth within the dental arch and have the rest extracted are better suited for full dentures, which replace the entire arch of teeth. They are made of quality acrylic and incorporate false teeth and gums.

Patients who speak to Drs. Pasquier, of Miami Modern Dental will be able to determine which denture is best for their specific needs. Our team works closely with men and women who are ready to restore their smiles and help them find the most appropriate solution.

Patients who are considering dentures often ask their dentists about the cost of dentures. It can be difficult to provide patients an accurate cost quote without a thorough evaluation to determine one’s candidacy. Patients are encouraged to make a call to Miami Modern Dental for an examination and to speak to a professional about a quote for their new dentures. Partial dentures cost less than full dentures, but the total will depend on many factors including materials and the number of teeth that will be replaced.

If you live in or around the Doral, FL area and are interested in learning more about dentures, contact the father and son team of Miami Modern Dental today. Drs. Pasquier, can help individuals find out if dentures are appropriate for their smile. We work hard to find solutions for restoring the health, beauty, and function of the teeth in a way that is affordable for those who need it.

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