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Miami area dentist explains implant supported dentures

Dentures often have a bad reputation because patients think about their grandparents and their false teeth, how unnatural they looked, how poorly they fit, and how they affected which foods they could eat. Thanks to the continued advances in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, patients in and around the Miami area have other options available for restoring their smiles with dentures. Patients missing one or just a few teeth from the dental arch can repair it with partial dentures, dental implants, and bridges, though patients missing all of their teeth don't have any other options other than full dentures.

Full dentures are used when the entire dental arch is missing. It is not economically reasonable to use a dental implant to replace every tooth in the smile, and a dental bridge needs adjacent teeth for support. However, full dentures may be ill fitted and they may shift and irritate the gum tissue. Drs. Pasquier of Miami Modern Dental may suggest a compromise between full dentures and dental implants: implant supported dentures.

Implant supported dentures are full dentures that are made to lock into place over several dental implants placed along the dental arch. This is done to provide stability. It can eliminate the need for dental adhesives to hold the dentures in place. Drs. Pasquier of Miami Modern Dental will often suggest implant supported dentures for patients who are interested in the best possible repair.

Patients interested in implant-supported dentures will need to find out if they are an appropriate candidate for placement. This means that they should have enough bone in the jaw to ensure a successful procedure. Bone is necessary to hold the implant in place and allow for osseointegration, a process in which the bone fuses to the implant.

Drs. Pasquier encourage patients to take the time to learn about the ways in which repairs can be made to the smile. We may suggest implant supported dentures to patients who quality for this treatment and will benefit from it.

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