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What dental restorative services are available for patients in the Miami, FL area?

At Miami Modern Dental in FL, patients can choose from a wide selection of restorative solutions when it comes to repairing their smiles after tooth loss or extraction. Missing teeth within the smile can affect efficiency and the beauty of the dental arch so it is important for patients to speak with a dental professional about addressing these missing teeth with dental restorative services. Drs. Pasquier of Miami Modern Dental are here to help patients in the community with their restorative options.

There are three primary methods of replacing missing teeth including dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures. Each one has its own advantages, but patients are welcome to speak with Drs. Pasquier to determine which one is best for their specific needs. Patients who want something inexpensive to address the situation often consider partial or full dentures, while patients who want something permanent and long lasting may consider dental implants. Dental bridges are known as a great solution between the two, as they are both economical and permanent, though they do require surrounding teeth for placement. Deciding which is best is often done with the assistance of a dental professional.

Dental restorative solutions such as dentures are a great option for many individuals. Partial dentures use a metal and acrylic framework to snap into place and slide false teeth into the spaces left behind. Full dentures integrate fake gum tissue and teeth to replace an entire dental arch of missing or extracted teeth. Both partial and full dentures from Miami Modern Dental are made of the highest quality materials to look as natural as possible while still functioning at their best.

Patients considering dentures as a restorative solution are encouraged to find out if they are appropriate for them by calling Drs. Pasquier of Miami Modern Dental to book an evaluation. During this visit, patients will have a series of examinations done, including x-rays, and discuss the advantages of each restorative solution available to them.

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