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What solutions are available to patients in Miami for tooth replacement?

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I feel very satisfied, because I've noticed a lot of professionalism in the dental work and the doctor's skills are excellent. I feel so satisfied and sure of dentist’s services that I regularly recommend him to my friends and family. So far everything has been great.

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Drs. Marlon Pasquier Sr. and Marlon Pasquier Jr. are ready to help their patients discover the amazing power of a beautiful, healthy smile. Smiles are the first impressions men and women give to others when they first meet someone, so it is essential that this first impression be the best impression. Our practice offers a wide selection of general and cosmetic dentistry services through our state-of-the-art facility in Miami and can help new and existing patients transform their smiles.

One common concern patients have when they visit a cosmetic dentist is tooth replacement. Natural teeth can be lost in a variety of ways, including disease, failed root canal therapy, and even extraction. When this happens, there is a large gap in the dental arch. When this occurs to the anterior teeth (the teeth near the front of the mouth), it can have a devastating effect on one’s appearance and self-confidence. It may also affect one’s ability to eat and speak. Tooth replacement options are often considered as a way to restore the smile to its beauty and functionality.

There are three common ways patients can restore their smile after tooth loss.


Dentures, full and partial, can be used to replace missing teeth. They are removable appliances that are made to act as false teeth to replace those missing.


A porcelain restoration called a bridge can be used to replace one or more teeth in a row. They are made by fusing dental crowns and pontics together to create a long porcelain restoration, which is bonded over the adjacent teeth to hold it in place. This is a more permanent option than dentures but less effective than dental implants.

Dental implants

Dental implants are the gold standard in tooth replacement. When patients are viable candidates for implants, they are often strongly recommended. Dental implants are titanium posts that our doctors will surgically place into the jawbone for stability and strength. They are restored over the top with a crown to act as a false tooth. Dental implants have a number of advantages over bridges and dentures, including longevity, strength, beauty, and value.

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