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What are Dental Implants Used For?

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Very good and gentle dentist; the work is excellent. The doctor is very patient with me. He’s been my dentist for over 25 years. Everything is perfect during my office visits.

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Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most important aspects that Dr. Pasquier of Miami Modern Dental focuses on. Not only is he interested in helping his patients with their oral health and dental care, but he cares about the aesthetics of his work. From a simple filling to an extensive smile makeover, the final cosmetic appeal of his work can be life changing.

One cosmetic procedure that Dr. Pasquier is pleased to offer his patients is dental implants. As an implant dentist, Dr. Pasquier has the training and expertise to surgically place dental implants for patients that could benefit from them. After an initial consultation with a patient, Dr. Pasquier will determine if they are a viable candidate for the procedure.

Dental implants are used for two main purposes. The first purpose is to replace missing teeth. Whether teeth have been extracted due to trauma or lost due to dental disease, missing teeth can make someone feel self-conscious about their smile. By replacing missing teeth with a dental implant and topping it with a porcelain crown, patients can restore their smile back to its original beauty.

Dental implants can also be implemented to support dentures. Dentures are made to fit over the gums and sometimes require additional adhesive to keep them in place. However, dental implants can be surgically placed to give the dentures a way to "snap in." This gives the patient's dentures more strength and support that could otherwise be accomplished with traditional dentures. This is a great consideration for patients who have problems with dentures that slip, fall out, and cause extensive problems when it comes to chewing and talking.

Dental implants may be an excellent option for you. It is important to consult an implant dentist that has years of experience offering dental implants, such as Dr. Pasquier of Miami Modern Dental. Call today to schedule a consultation appointment and get on the road to a more beautiful smile!

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