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How can a cosmetic dental makeover improve the self-confidence of Miami, FL residents?

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Our smiles show the world the kind of person we are. In recent years, the immense power of the smile has become evident, with polls showing that people remember someone longer when they have an attractive smile, or that employers tend to reject applicants when appearance is not satisfactory. The more the smile has been studied, the more we learn that our character is interpreted based on this aspect of our appearance.

One of the easiest ways to enhance a smile is with teeth whitening. This cosmetic dentistry treatment, offered in our Miami dental practice, was one of the first developed by dental professionals. Since the time people began visiting their dentist for smile brightening, multiple products have been developed, promising to make the teeth whitening process easier and more affordable.

Some of the popular teeth whitening options available today include:
  • "Whitening" toothpastes suggest that teeth will actually be relieved of the stains that have caused them to dull. Almost every toothpaste today can tout whitening capabilities because the FDA’s only mandate is that if a product polishes, or cleans, it whitens. This is very different from professional teeth bleaching, which actually lifts stains from enamel.
  • Whitening strips are commonly the first product tried outside of whitening toothpaste. These products are easily bought but minimally effective, possibly whitening teeth a few shades, with results that last a short time.
  • Whitening gel solution that is applied directly to the teeth will produce brighter teeth in a few weeks, with results lasting up to four months.
  • Whitening rinses, because they do not leave whitening agents on teeth for an adequate amount of time, are minimally effective at brightening the smile.
  • Over the counter whitening kits, in which the consumer molds his or her own whitening tray as directed, may provide a bit more whitening, but at a higher risk of tissue irritation and sensitivity.
Teeth "whitening," in many cases, is actually teeth bleaching. By safely applying the appropriate amount of whitening agent, a solution with precise concentrations of substances, the teeth can be lightened beyond their natural shade of white. This is true teeth whitening, which is only available from your dentist.

If you are ready to experience the full effect of true teeth whitening, it is time to contact Miami Modern Dental for your visit with your skilled cosmetic dentist. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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