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Miami dental team offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures for new and existing patients

The smile is the first impression Miami area patients give to others. A smile can say so much, it is important that it looks great. A beautiful smile can also boost one’s self-esteem and confidence. Drs. Pasquier, of Miami Modern Dental, believe in providing patients with a way to address imperfections within their smile and boost its appearance. Thanks to a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures available in their practice, new and existing patients can enjoy the advantages of a beautiful smile for life!

Cosmetic dentistry is a field of dentistry that focuses not only on the oral health of one’s smile, but also the appearance. When teeth are restored and repaired, they are done in an attractive yet natural looking manner. Cosmetic dentists such as the father and son team of Miami Modern Dental use quality materials that can withstand the test of time while maintaining an attractive appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures performed at Miami Modern Dental include:
  • Composite resin fillings—these fillings are tooth-colored and are used to repair teeth that have been affected by cavities.
  • Dental bonding—this material can be used to repair aesthetic concerns of natural teeth including breakage and gaps.
  • Veneers—these porcelain shells are fabricated specifically for patients to bond over the front of teeth and hide most imperfections.
  • Six Month Braces—traditional braces are not the only choice for orthodontic treatment, and alternatives such as Six Month Braces allow teenagers and adults to address malocclusion of the teeth near the front of the mouth.
  • Dentures—replacing missing teeth can be done with full or partial dentures, depending on how many teeth are lost or extracted.
  • Teeth whitening—one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, teeth bleaching offers a fast, effective solution to a dull and discolored smile.
  • Dental crowns—crowns can be used to cover and protect natural teeth that have been weakened or damaged.
  • Dental implants—considered the gold standard in tooth replacement; these titanium restorations can replace single teeth or hold full cosmetic dentures in place.

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