Teeth whitening is done for one reason: cosmetics. There is no health benefit to having teeth whitening procedures done, though it can improve the aesthetics of one's smile and improve self-confidence. Many patients who visit Miami Modern Dental to speak to Drs. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. and Marlon Pasquier, Jr. about their previous experiences with over-the-counter techniques are often tired of spending money on subpar products with little to no results.

Professional grade teeth whitening has a myriad of benefits over those provided in local drugstores. Many patients who seek professional tooth whitening solutions understand that they can dramatically improve the appearance of the smile, often whitening up to eight shades in just one in-office treatment, and similar results weeks into the use of take-home whitening trays. These whitening solutions can often address surface staining as well as stains deep within the enamel such as tetracycline stains which are known to be extremely difficult to remove. Professional teeth whitening is often very affordable and can fit into most family budgets, and can offer patients a way to rejuvenate their smile effectively before considering other cosmetic solutions such as veneers or cosmetic bonding to repair their smile. Patients in and around the Miami area who want to learn more about the advantages of professional whitening are encouraged to contact Drs. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. and Marlon Pasquier, Jr. today.

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