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Why Would I Need My Teeth Whitened?

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I feel very satisfied, because I've noticed a lot of professionalism in the dental work and the doctor's skills are excellent. I feel so satisfied and sure of dentist’s services that I regularly recommend him to my friends and family. So far everything has been great.

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Teeth whitening is a common cosmetic procedure considered by many patients who want to rejuvenate their smile. Tooth whitening in Miami FL can consist of one of two methods: in-office teeth whitening and at-home whitening kits. At Dr. Pasquier's office, patients can enjoy whichever treatment they prefer. Patients come to Miami Modern Dental to receive teeth whitening from a dentist that they know and trust, and who has the experience and expertise to provide these services safely and effectively.

Why would a patient need to whiten their teeth? Unfortunately, not everyone is born with white, vibrant smiles. In fact, the color of your teeth may actually be genetic and outside of your control, regardless of how well you brush, floss, and maintain your smile. However, just because you weren't born with beautiful pearly whites doesn't mean that you can't attain the same look with cosmetic dentistry. Tooth whitening in Miami FL will allow you to improve the appearance of your smile quickly and easily through in-office or at-home methods.

At Miami Modern Dental, Dr. Pasquier offers the two whitening treatments to allow his patients to have an option that fits their lifestyle and budget best. In-office teeth whitening takes approximately one hour to complete, and can quickly and easily brighten teeth up to eight shades whiter in just one appointment. For those who want more control over their whitening, or are on a tighter budget, in-home whitening kits can be used. Dr. Pasquier makes custom whitening trays in his office for patients to take home with professional-grade whitening gel, and educates his patients on how to use them to improve their smile over the course of several weeks. Patients will wear the whitening trays with the gel for a specific amount of time each day in order to achieve the results they want. In-home whitening trays can also be used in conjunction with in-office whitening in order to regularly maintain the results.

If you are curious to learn more about the cost and results of teeth whitening procedures at Miami Modern Dental, feel free to call the dental practice and schedule a consultation appointment today. You can discuss your concerns with Dr. Pasquier and determine together which treatment plan is right for you and the smile you want to attain. Together, you can create a smile that you can be proud of, and that gives you the self-confidence you need in both your business and personal relationships.

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