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When Miami area patients have teeth that need root canal therapy

When Miami area patients have teeth that need root canal therapy, they often visit the dedicated team of professionals at Miami Modern Dental. Drs. Pasquier are a father/son team who offers new and existing patients the quality care they need when they need it. Root canal therapy is a procedure that needs to be done on an urgent basis rather than planned. Many patients will find they need root canal therapy if they are experiencing a toothache. This is often an indication of a problem, and a visit to the dental office can diagnose the issue.

Diagnoses that require treatment via root canal therapy include:
  • A very large area of decay that has gone deep into the tooth and reached the dental pulp, thus causing pain
  • Discomfort that is caused by an abscess underneath the tooth
  • Infection of the dental pulp due to trauma
  • Inflammation or disease of the dental pulp which requires removal
The dentists at Miami Modern Dental provide patients with a proper diagnosis of their condition before determining if root canal therapy is the treatment of choice. Drs. Pasquier are dedicated to providing the best possible treatment for dental concerns. For many, root canal therapy, also known as endodontic therapy, will be recommended as a way to save the tooth structure and avoid extraction. Extraction of a tooth can result in extra costs and hassles and it should be avoided if possible.

Root canal therapy is a routine procedure that is done at Miami Modern Dental. It requires the dentist to access the inner portion of the tooth to remove the dental pulp, disinfect the tooth, and then seal it to prevent bacteria from getting inside and becoming a further problem for the smile.

If you are experiencing discomfort and believe you may be a candidate for root canal therapy, contact our team today. We may recommend this treatment as the first step in protecting the natural tooth before considering extraction.

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