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They make me feel like I'm part of the family, the office staff is excellent and they do me a good service. The doctors are very friendly with me and try to make me feel comfortable, besides that they truly worry about my dental health, in fact when they do some dental work they call me the next day on the phone to see if I feel ok. I have recommended them to my coworkers and friends and they also have given me a good service report.

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A beautiful smile is important to patients for a variety of reasons. Maybe they are self-conscious of their imperfect teeth. Perhaps they want to improve their appearance for business and personal reasons. Whether it is a source of embarrassment or to benefit their relationships, many patients consider visiting cosmetic dentists such as Drs. Pasquier and Pasquier Jr. of Miami Modern Dental to learn about restorative solutions such as veneers.

Porcelain veneers are a wonderful solution to many cosmetic concerns. These thin shells are bonded over teeth to disguise imperfections such as teeth that are crooked, stained, broken, worn down, misshapen, or spaced. Veneers are a quick, affordable alternative to other methods of addressing dental concerns including dental bonding, orthodontics, and crowns.

Patients may consider porcelain veneers when they have tried other alternatives with little to no success. Reshaping teeth with dental bonding can be beneficial as a short-term solution, but it needs to be replaced regularly and is not resistant to staining. Teeth with severe, deep discoloration may not benefit from teeth whitening solutions such as in-office whitening or take-home whitening systems. When all else fails, porcelain veneers can help.

Many patients use veneers when undergoing smile makeovers. When the entire smile is being changed for cosmetic reasons, porcelain veneers often play a large part in rejuvenating the smile. They are a faster solution to orthodontics, and can provide long-term benefits to the patients. Veneers are strong, beautiful, and can make a dramatic, positive change to the appearance of the smile.

Most patients are viable candidates for treatments. For those with little to no natural tooth enamel or those with periodontal disease, other solutions may be considered.

Patients in the Miami area who are seeking a quality dental practice for their general and cosmetic dental needs should call the team at Miami Modern Dental today. There's no better time than now to schedule a consultation visit with Drs. Pasquier and Pasquier Jr. to start the process of transforming your smile today! Their state-of-the-art practice allows them to provide comprehensive, quality care to everyone who visits their facility, and gives them the opportunity to improve the smiles of those they care about.

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